Concerning the Saudis

  1. Cui bono?
    As pointed out by that old Latin phrase used in criminal investigations, one of the main factors to consider is motive -- who benefits? So who are the Saudis, what would they stand to gain or lose by an event like 9/11, and why do we believe asserting for them a significant role in 9/11 makes no sense?
  2. The "Hijackers"
    If the Official Conspiracy Theory's hijack scenario was not as described, the alleged Saudi financing of the "hijackers" falls apart
  3. Why now?
    For 12 years the Select Committee's report and its redacted pages were mostly under the radar. What has changed to bring about the current furor?
  4. 9/11 Commission Staff Report on Saudis
    Members of the 9/11 Commission (NOT the Joint Congressional Inquiry) traveled to Saudi Arabia and intereviewed a number of individuals there.
  5. Saudi 2003 "Bring It On" Statement
    (local PDF)
    This piece in Arab News ("Saudi Arabia's first English-language newspaper") accuses the JCI Report of "institutional racism", and the Report's 28-page section of being a "charter for Saudi-bashing," saying "It would be far better if the section were published."
    [Caveat: it isn't clear whether this is speaking for the Saudi government.]

Page updated: 14 June 2016