The Problem with the 28 Pages

Caveat -- We wish to be clear that we are not opposed to the declassification of the 28 pages as such. The problem is that the body of research that has been produced by the 9/11 Truth Movement makes it crystal clear that there is no way the powers-that-shouldn't-be will permit a revealing of the main perpetrators. As a result, declassification will be at best a limited hangout that will mislead the public and potentially sidetrack the Movement. We believe that support for declassification should be accompanied by information that puts the revealed information -- whatever it may be -- in proper perspective.

"The 28 pages have nothing to with 9/11 Truth. This alleged Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks has served to precipitate segments of the 9/11 Truth movement into an erroneous and contradictory discourse... [It] is part of a propaganda ploy... [B]ecause Bob Graham accuses the FBI and the federal government, the 9/11 Truth movement applauds without realizing that these accusations directed against the FBI are "framed" with a view to sustaining the mainstream 9/11 narrative. What is at stake is a desperate ploy to uphold the legend that Muslims were behind 9/11 and that Saudi Arabia was behind the terrorists giving them money, with the FBI involved in a coverup, George W. Bush protecting his Saudi cronies because the Bushes and the bin Ladens were 'intimo amigos.'... The issue of Saudi financial support of al Qaeda is not only known and documented since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war, it is irrelevant in establishing who was behind the terror attacks. Moreover, the contents of the 28 classified pages are known."

  1. 9/11 Truth and the Joint Congressional Inquiry: 28 Pages of Misdirection on the Role of Saudi Arabia (9/11/15: our original article)
    (printable PDF, 9/14/15 update)
    "For years the 9/11 Truth movement has been vainly pleading with mainstream media -- and the 'alternative' 9/11-Truth-rejecting media (which we'll include for our purposes as mainstream) to cover any of the endless, obvious problems with any of the Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory tales we've been told. Now, all of a sudden, these same mainstream media, echoing prestigious players like former US Senator Bob Graham, are on the rampage about a '9/11 cover-up,' and are pushing for the release of 28 redacted pages from the 2002 Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee 9/11 Inquiry's report! So ... let's all of us 9/11 Truthers jump aboard this fast moving train with both feet, right?"
  2. Saudi Arabia's Alleged Involvement in the 9/11 Attacks. "Red-Herring", Propaganda Ploy,  Prof. Michel Chossudovsky  (04/14/15, update 04/28/16)
    (printable PDF)
    Chossudovksy describes how the Committee, the FBI, and the press all worked together to create the impression that Saudi Arabia financed the hijackers, and hence 9/11, in such an obvious limited hangout in support of the Official Conspiracy Theory that he finds it incredible that the 9/11 Truth Movement is falling for it in the face of so much contrary evidence.
  3. Lessons for the Truth Movement From the 28-Pages psy-op,  Bernie Suarez
    (printable PDF)
    Suarez does an excellent job of warning of the danger of "cognitive diversity" created by current Information Czar Cass Sunstein's proposed cognitive infiltration of the 9/11 Truth Movement by government trolls. Suarez sees the danger in blaming any particular group as the sole perpetrator -- Saudis, Israel, or whomever.
  4. The Problematic Websites
  5. Government Actions
    1. The declassification resolution
    2. The JASTA "Sue the Saudis" court case


  6. Barbara Honegger: The 28-Pages is an "imminent limited hangout"  (MP3; 12:10)
    This is the audio from a couple of related segments (starting at 10:50 and 45:27) of Barbara Honegger's presentation in the 9/11 - An Ecumenical Approach Panel of the Deep State set of panels at the 2016 New Left Forum. She very clearly lays out the argument for the 28-pages meme to be a limited hangout.
  7. Corbett: Debunking the 28 Pages
    An excellent detailed analysis of the 28-pages meme as a psychological operation designed to misdirect curious people -- and, we maintain, the 911 Truth Movement. Corbett closes with a comment about thinking the pages should be released, and the 28-pages faction of the Truth Movement seized on this, ignoring the entire rest of Corbett's psyop analysis.
  8. A 15th anniversary interview of Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of (original YouTube video)
    It pulls out and away from the "basics" of 9/11 Truth to examine the possibility of a larger game of deception into which the blame-the-Saudis meme fits very conveniently, and also reminds us that
    • on September 10, 2011, bin Laden was in a Pakistani hospital in Rawalpindi (a military city) swarming with Americans and could easily have been arrested the next day,
    • when the Afghan government later offered to turn him over in exchange for evidence of his involvement in 9/11, the State Department refused,
    • the plans for an Afghan invasion were presented to Bush on September 4, but the rationale of attacking "al Qaeda" and terrorists was never implemented; instead we have supported or left alone jihadist movements in countries in Africa and the Mideast.

Page updated: 3 March 2017