The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)

  1. The Act -- S.2040
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  2. Its Signficance
  3. The JASTA Poison Pill  -- 9/11's Conspiracy Trio Falling Apart, Wayne Madsen
    (local PDF)
    Madsen points out that NY Senator Charles Shumer (a strong enabler of Israel's effect on U.S. policy) placed into JASTA the "Stay of Actions Pending State Negotiations" amendment [Note: this appears to be Section 5 of the bill-as-amended], which would let not only Saudi Arabia, but Israel (and the U.S.?) off the hook of disabled sovereign immunity if the State and Justice Departments (a) certified to the lawsuite trial judge that that government was making good-faith efforts at a resolution, and (b) seek indefinitely ongoing 180-day stays.

Page updated: 5 June 2016