Did the Saudis Do All This?

Michael Atkinson, 7 July 2018

From my research I have some questions for former Senator Bob Graham and anyone else who's been promoting these "28 pages" about 9-11 while ignoring the obvious facts. Feel free to help me improve or add to these questions.
  1. What proof is there that any "Islamic terrorist hijackers" boarded any of the planes since it was proven that the cell phone calls were impossible?
  2. Could the alleged Saudi hijackers have even flown the complicated planes the way they were flown? If not, why?
  3. Did the Saudis bring down Building 7 demolition style?
  4. Did the Saudis blow the Twin Towers up with explosives?
  5. Did the Saudis produce the molten steel in the rubble?
  6. Did the Saudis put the Nano Thermite in the buildings?
  7. Did the Saudis use a form of weaponized anthrax against Americans including two US Senators that were holding back passage of the so-called "Patriot Act"?
  8. Did the Saudis make NORAD stand down for nearly 90 Minutes? If not who did?
  9. Did the Saudis plant the hijackers passport at Ground Zero? If not, who did?
  10. Did the Saudis make United Airlines Flight 93 disappear into the ground in Shanksville? If not, what really happened?
  11. Did the Saudis help NIST cover up all the evidence?
  12. Did the Saudis talk about a “New Pearl Harbor” one year before the "attacks"? If not, who did?
  13. Did the Saudis confiscate the 85 or so 9/11 tapes, many from the Pentagon? If not, who did?
  14. Did the Saudis steal the missing $2.3 Trillion from the Pentagon?
  15. Did the Saudis control the security at the WTC? If not who did?
  16. Did the Saudis get caught dancing and high fiving each other as the planes flew into the twin towers? If not, who did?
  17. Did many Saudis get caught before, during, and after 9/11 in a massive foreign spying ring? If not, who did?
  18. Did the Saudis get caught with a van full of explosives on the George Washington bridge? If not, who did?
  19. Did the Saudis cover up all Israeli involvement and deport Israelis back to their country? If not, who did?
  20. Did the Saudis write the outline for what the 9/11 Commission was going to conclude before the 9/11 Commission even had its first meeting? If not, who did?
  21. Did the Saudis admit that they felt that the 9/11 Commission was setup to fail? If not, who did?
  22. Did the Saudis write Operation Northwoods in 1962 about faking hijackings to blame Cuba to build public support for war? If not who did?
  23. Did the Saudis attack the USS Liberty in 1967 attempting to place the blame on Egypt and just cover it all up? If not, who did?
  24. Why would Saudi Arabia, with its long and tight connection to Washington and to the Bush family, have any interest in enabling a terrorist attack on Americans?
  25. Why have none of the airplane parts from the 9-11 crash sites been positively identified as coming from the planes we were told they came from?
The 9-11 perpetrators would have never rigged those buildings like so just to rely on any kind of real hijackers and hijackings pulling it all off...