Complete Listing of References to Pakistan in the
Unclassified 2002 Joint Inquiry Report

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Note: none of these implies Pakistani involvement in 9/11

  54     [_________] arrested at safehouse
  58Ramzi Bin al-Shibh apprehended 9/02
  79nuclear tests
125principal access point to southern Afghan
relations strained by nuclear tests
137Berger: not coop in any attempt to find OBL absent specific info
152State Dept message to Taliban reps in Pak 6/01 US will hold Taliban responsible for any terrorism harbored by Taliban
153Berger: Saudi Arabia &Pak pressed to cut Taliban support
180Ramzi Yousef arrested at OBL guesthouse
182Cole op appears to have been directed from Afghan or Pak
184al-Hazmi travels to Malaysia from Pak 1/00
Moussaoui from London to Pak 12/00
186see p. 58
Bahaji from Germany to Pakistan 9/3/01
Atta leaves Pak to Hamburg 2/25/00
187al-Shehhi at OBL guesthouse waiting transport to Pak for med treat, fall 99
Jarrah from Hamburg to Karachi 11/25/99, stays 2 mo
188Attah from Afghan thru Pak to Germany 2/00
al-Shehhi apparently gets new passport in Pak 1/00
195plot financer Alhawsawi from UAE to Karachi
196al-Hazmi from Malaysia to Pak
236al-Shibh and Bahaji to Pak before attacks
246fighters from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pak and other countries drawn to fighting in Balkans, Chechnya, Kashmir
259see p. 152
263FBI walk-in claims training in Pak camp in hijacking/arms
271concerns about India-Pak conflict (competing priorities)
274Wolfowitz: can't go after Afghan w/out acknowledging problems w/Pak relationship
280see p. 152
284embroiled in questions about India/Pak nuclear tests
316see p. 284
345Pak principal access point to Afghan, relations strained by 98 nukes & 99 coup
352see p. 345
35798: Clinton ordered 2 cruise missile subs on perpetual deployment off Pak coast
360OBL brags to Pak newspaper about familiarity with cracks in West financial system
367see p. 58
KSM captured in Rawalpindi 3/1/03
370Moussaoui tells INS agents he'd traveled to Pak (& Morocco/Maylaysia) for business
376see p. 58
378Phoenix msg: focus on flight students from Kenya, Pak, Algeria, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia
385individual in Phoenix msg was arrested in Pak in 02 with [___] (probably ref p. 58)
439see p. 345
740Ramzi Yousef extradited from Pak 2/95
750India / Pak nuclear tests 5/98
759Musharraf military coup 10/9

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