Joint Intelligence Committee Report: Forward

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This is the declassified version of the Final Report of the Joint Inquiry that was approved and filed with the House of Representatives and the Senate on December 20, 2002. With the exception of portions that were released to the public previously (e.g., the additional views of Members, the GAO Anthrax Report, etc.), this version has been declassified by the Intelligence Community prior to its public release. That review was for classification purposes only, and does not indicate Intelligence Community agreement with the accuracy of this report, or concurrence with its factual findings or conclusions.

At appropriate points in the report, relevant information that developed after the report was filed, or that has appeared in other public sources, has been inserted and is denoted with an asterisk (*) and an accompanying footnote. Where necessary, information that the Intelligence Community has identified as classified for national security purposes has been deleted. Such deletions are indicated with brackets and a strikethrough [ ]. In other portions of the report, alternative language that the Intelligence Community has agreed is unclassified has been substituted for the original report language which remains classified. Paragraphs that contain alternative language, whether one word or several sentences, have been identified by brackets at the beginning and end of the paragraph.

As a result of these changes to the text, the page numbers at the bottom of each page do not match those of the original report. In order to preserve a record of the original pagination, page numbers have been inserted in gray font [page xx] in the text to mark where the corresponding pages begin and end in the original report.

Page updated: 26 May 2016