Signficant Involvement: Pakistan?

Despite former Senator Bob Graham's vocal references to possible Pakistani involvement, and Pakistan's inconsistent response to the Bush Administration's response to 9/11, we have been unable to find any significant evidence of such an involvement in either his book, Intelligence Matters, or the Joint Inquiry's Report.
  1. References in Graham's Intelligence Matters
    There are few references to Pakistan in the former Senator's book, and most refer to a pre-9/11 Intelligence Committee trip to Pakistan, recognizing the difficulty of controlling potential terrorists in the western mountains, but with no indication of belief in official harboring or support of such terrorists.
  2. References in the Joint Inquiry Report
    The Report's references to Pakistan consist almost entirely of mentions of the India/Pakistan nuclear problem and travels to, from, and through Pakistan on the part of the alleged hijackers.
  3. General Mahmood Ahmed -- head of the ISI, Pakistan's CIA-equivalent.
    Ahmed is of 9/11 interest primarily because of a breakfast he attended with Intelligence Committee heads Graham and Goss on the morning of 9/11, the day after he reportedly ordered the transfer from Pakistan (or the UAE) by Ahmad Umar Sheikh of $100,000 to alleged hijacker Mohamed Atta. Graham makes no mention of this in his description of the breakfast. In any case, this story is the only "evidence" we've found for Pakistani involvement, and it can be considered relevant only if one accepts the idea that hijackers brought about the events of 9/11, an idea debunked by this website.
    (Note: the original report of this story was from The Times of India, not a source likely to be friendly to Pakistan. The link no longer works, and attempts to retrieve it via The Wayback Machine are informed that the Times has blocked access via a robots.txt file.)

Page updated: 23 June 2016